The Fantasticks
with Carly Bracco, Matt Wolpe,
Leland Crooke, Byron Easley, Matt Shea,
Skip Harris and Heather Ann Ostberg

Ensemble Theatre Company
Santa Barbara, CA
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ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC: "The ringmaster is the character of El Gallo (Jeff Griggs), a devilishly handsome man in black, part magician, part huckster, who presents us the four main characters before inserting himself into the storyline and their fate...  As played by Griggs, El Gallo commands the tale, yet also exudes a sort of melancholy, a sense that he has manipulated lives for many years."

"This production boasts nothing but fabulous performances. Nobody here comes in at less than energetic and spot-on...
Mr. Griggs is the right man for the right job.  His El Gallo
is self-deprecating, smooth, seductive and funny, using all his charisma to demand our attention, then shrugging it off.

"Carly Bracco has the long, blonde hair and bubbly smile perfect for the girl next door character and, like Mr. Griggs, can belt out a tune..."

- Santa Barbara News-Press - Ted Mills

Carly Bracco and Jeff Griggs