Jeff Griggs as Macheath (Mack the Knife)
in the Bertolt Brecht-Kurt Weill musical
with Shannon Warne, Tom Shelton,
Eileen T'Kaye and Zarah Mahler

International City Theatre
Long Beach Performing Arts Center
"Mackie's back in town and his teeth are sharper than ever ... Jeff Griggs, with Zarah Mahler, portrays Macheath with menace and athleticisim."
- Los Angeles Times - Charlotte Stoudt - February 25, 2009

CRITIC'S PICK: "Front and center is Jeff Griggs, who resembles Eric Roberts (with shades of Liam Neeson or a young Boris Karloff) and who, as Macheath, takes this staging by its throat with his unbridled ferocity.... The entire hungry-looking, hollow-eyed cast is superb... The enduring image, though, is of the tall, gaunt Griggs, whose Macheath commands the stage with his explosive presence."     
- Backstage West  - February 25, 2009

"Gritty, Gripping
... None is bigger than Mack the Knife, Macheath (the outstanding Jeff Griggs) ...
Griggs' Macheath has a deepness that deftly captures rebellion and cunning." 

Press Telegram - Chris Ledermuller - February 25, 2009

"The story, of course,  focuses on Macheath (Jeff Griggs).   Griggs is ... as dangerous as a serpent.    His Macheath, nattily costumed by Shon LeBlanc and  with a hair-trigger temper, is an elegant, charismatic hood... and he's got a powerful tenor that he uses to spew venom in the form of song.
- Orange County  Register - Eric Marchese - February 26, 2009

GO: "The tale of sexy, villanous Mac the Knife (Jeff Griggs), his seduction of the virtuous Polly Peacham (Shannon Warne), and his near-destruction ... Griggs, a baritone of strikingly evocative ferocity, delivers his lines and musical numbers with a tightly controlled roar, suggesting some kind of sexy beast who's just barely holding himself from running amok."
- LA Weekly - Steven Leigh Morris - March 2, 2009